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WIPH Masterclass is an online course designed is suited for all levels to help them understand fundamental and technical analysis and trading strategies.  In this course  you’ll learn how to use different technical indicators, risk management strategies, learn how to read and analyze a candlestick and a lot more.


Mission and Goal: Empower every member to achieve exponential 100X growth by unlocking boundless value .


Vision: To lead as the premier trading community in the Philippines, embodying the same core values of:

  • Prudent Risk Management
  • Compassionate Generosity
  • Unwavering Excellence
  • Nurturing Member Growth
    Upholding Transparency and Integrity.
WIPH Trading Masterclass

What can you expect?

WISE Trading Masterclass

Masterclass Course

Fundamentals of Forex

1. Understanding the Economy
a. How does economy work?
b. Law of supply and demand

2. How interest rates affects currencies
a. What is interest rate
b. How does interest rate affects currencies

3. How do central bank decides monetary policies
a. What is a central bank?
b. What is a Monetary Policy

4. How monetary policy affect currencies
a. Central bank tools and how they affect the demand and supply

5. What is Fundamental Analysis
a. How do we assess the economic status of a country

6. Basic economic indicators
a. Types economic indicators
b. Effects of economic indicators

7. How to trade an economic event
a. Trading in/out the news

8. Creating a forecast based on fundamental analysis
a. Picking the right indicator
b. Compiling and analysis of Economic Data

9. Market sentiment
a. Safe haven currency

10. Dollar smile theory
11. Economic news sources
a. Organizing news outlets

  • MA/EMA
  • Fibo
  • Rasenngan
  • RSI
  • Shadow Technique
  • Position trading techniques
  • Kage Bunshin
  • Multiframe Analysis
  • Trading Psychology
  • Long Term Investing(PSE and International Stocks)
  • Risk Management
  • Foundations and Price Actions

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